Someone comes to your website, then poof, they are gone and never coming back.

Does this sound familiar?

There are a lot of people that are on the Internet in an attempt to entertain themselves.

These people might occasionally come across you and the content that you produce, but leaves never to return.

I will walk you through 10 ways of attaining returning attention.

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Why care?

Why would you care about something like this?


If you can keep people that like your content consistency coming back, you are providing you and your website with a better future.

Not only are you giving your website more traction and better SEO rankings, if your posts are monetized, you are also more likely to get commissions or ad revenue depending on whether you participate in affiliate marketing or run ads throughout your website.

Alright, let’s get started.

1. Have an email lists

Email lists and emails are a powerful tool for any blog in any niche.

The beauty of this strategy and the exact reason that I put it at number #1 is that direct contact with your subscribers through email allows for the promotion of your blog posts whenever they are released.

With the correct setup, a list full of subscribers will be easy to manage, and keeping your subscribers up-to-date with content will be just as easy.

2. Link to related posts

If you have any type of post related to the one that the reader just read about, make sure to include it in some way.

Such as…

“If you enjoyed this article, you may also enjoy ____________”.

It is a simple but effective strategy to hold on to them for just a bit longer, and it also helps with your SEO in the fact that it increases your page views and it does keep your reader on your website for longer.

Like for example, if you enjoyed this post, you might also enjoy a deeper dive into email lists and why you need one.

See what I did there?

3. Reply to comments

Readers that come to your site love it when you can reply to a comment that they have left. Doing this shows that you are an actual person that appreciates the readers of his/her blog, and not some heartless robot pushing out articles.

This is also a great way to get to know some of your readers and have them know that their voice has been acknowledged rather than thrown under a pile of other comments from that post.

4. Make your content unique

Don’t have your content looking like or sounding like every other blog post on the Internet. Add your flair to make it unique to you are what you produce.

This will prevent your content from being dry, uninspiring, uninteresting, boring, etc.

The key is to be genuine and have your voice and your style. Not just some ripped off version of someone else’s.

5. Create a series within your blog

Instead of writing a bunch of unrelated blog posts, why not take part in writing a series that will keep your readers coming back to read another part?

Find something that can be stretched out over multiple parts and use that as a way to have readers coming back to find out what happens in that next part.

6. Write regularly

A blog is not a blog without content, and content without an audience isn’t much.

If you want your readers to keep coming back to see if there is more, write regularly.

Declare something like, “I will have one new blog post up every other day,” or something like that so you have a deadline and your readers know when they should come back. Every other day.

7. Let people know about your blog posts on social sites

Sites like Reddit, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, etc. can be a great source of traffic because they allow you and your content to reach new audiences. And you can’t possibly say that is a bad thing.

Once you gain a following, this allows your followers to stay engaged.

8. Optimize your posts for SEO

Search engines are a great way to attract new kinds of attention to your site, so that is exactly why you should be optimizing your website and webpages for search engines. (SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization)

This means going and using relevant keywords and keeping your blog posts at least at a 500-word count. (more words the better)

9. Run an experiment or case study and invite your readers along for the ride

Want to accomplish a certain task or reach a certain goal? I’m sure that your readers would love to come along for the ride with you.

This can be as simple as asking them to take a short survey with a couple of questions or it could be asking them to do something.

This allows for further engagement between you and the reader for them to feel like they are contributing in some way to the content that you are producing.

10. Have some sort of call to action

In each post you write, suggest further action your reader can take.

This means doing something like suggesting your reader to another post, asking them to leave a comment, providing a share button, something that the reader can do other than just reading your blog post to get further engagement.


There you have it, 10 ways of attaining returning attention!

If you have any further questions about anything listed here, or you just want to talk about this topic, leave a comment below this article and I will do my best to answer.

Joseph Chunta

Hello! My name is Joseph Chunta, founder of Your Average Marketer. I am here to help with managing the website, but I will be writing for it as well. Giving honest reviews on Marketing Services and helping the next aspiring website owner. On the side, I am a Solo Game Developer and Website Builder. Writing code for games and websites in my free time.


C.N. · May 11, 2020 at 10:14 pm

Thank you so much for this article, Joseph! There are so many golden nuggets here. As someone who wants to expand my website to the widest possible audience, I am definitely trying to better understand SEO, Google rankings, and outreach in general. I am taking all of your tips to heart, I have bookmarked your website, and I will definitely be back for more! God bless you!

    Joseph Chunta · May 12, 2020 at 1:28 am


    I’m so glad that you were able to find this article helpful and informative! I wish you the best of luck to you and your website.

    Thank you for your comment!

Thomas · May 11, 2020 at 11:36 pm

I love this article; There is so much good down to earth information here. People tend to forget the basics of managing good communications. Well the ground rules are all here. They are well worth reading to bring you back to the basics. Thank you for sharing.

    Joseph Chunta · May 12, 2020 at 1:31 am

    Hello Thomas.

    I tried to make the information within this article as good and as helpful as I can make it. I wish you the best of luck to you and your website!

    Thank you for your comment!

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