If you create any kind of content online, whether you are an online blog writer (like me) or a YouTube personality, you will need ideas for what content to produce for your audience.

It is good to develop strong habits and know strategies for content creation. Both for the people starting their online presence and established content creators.

So if you need to overcome mental block and come up with some good ideas for your audience, continue reading and I will run you through some strategies that will help you.

And these strategies will build off of each other, so doing several of these strategies at once can inspire you with infinite content ideas.

6 Stratgies for Infinite Content Ideas


This is one that I personally really like to do for these articles.

I reserve some time in my day to just sit down and write anything and everything that comes to mind, and this is called freewriting. You can write these ideas down on a piece of paper or type them out on a document.

Basically brainstorming, but letting every single idea go through your brain and onto a page.

“Why would this work,” you might be saying.

This helps with removing the mental block (literally) that prevents some possible really good ideas from coming out.

Even if they seem stupid or sound like no-one would read/watch it, write them down anyway. Those seemingly stupid ideas can evolve into winning masterpieces.

Finding what is Relevant

Relevancy will eventually and unquestionably bring genuinely interested people for the credibility and delicacy of your brand.

(I think I stretched that out for too long.)

But in all seriousness, knowing what is relevant and creating content relating to what is relevant could mean the difference between continued growth or continued downfall.

One of the tools that I use to find relevancy in a topic is through Google Trends.

I use Google Trends because all of the data that is provided to you is based directly from all of the searches made in Google since 2004, on top of that, it is free to use.

Removing Distractions

Distractions are distractions.

They keep you from focusing on what you want or need to do, and coming up with ideas is hard to do when you are surrounded by distractions.

Here are a couple of actions I would recommend doing to remove yourself from these distractions.

  • Silence your phone. Having your phone buzz every couple minutes won’t allow you to stay in a focused state to create those winning ideas, so silence your phone or just shut it off.
  • Change your environment. If you are in a place where there is a lot of noise or people keep bothering or distracting you, go to a place where you can have quiet time to yourself. For example, a park or a forest.
  • Don’t focus on anything else. Don’t think about something going on in your life, what you want to do for the rest of the day, or what people might think about your latest Instagram post. Just allow yourself to brainstorm and don’t hold any ideas back, when you worry and bring your attention to other things, you are unproductive and you subconsciously forget or hold ideas back.

Listening to Music

This depends on who you are and what music you like to listen to, but pick a type of ambient music. By ambient, I mean music that you can have playing, but won’t distract you from what you are doing.

This can help you with drawing some inspiration for ideas from the noises or sounds that you hear in the song.

Also, with the correct music, it will relax you more and allow for better brainstorm sessions.

Here are things that you should be looking for in a song for it to be considered ambient.

  • No Loud / Upbeat Music. Loud or upbeat music will keep you on the rhythm of the song and distracted rather than allowing you to brainstorm.

  • Music without Lyrics or Words. With songs and lyrics, you tend to focus more on the words and comprehending what the song is about.
  • A Calm or Repetitive Rythm. When something is clam, you won’t be paying it more attention than it needs. It will just be something that you know is there, but you won’t need to pay attention to it.

Taking Inspiration from Others Work

Taking inspiration and copying are two different things, and plagiarizing is completely different from both in a bad way.

Copying is the act of making two people, places, or things identical to one another.

Taking inspiration is the act of getting an idea from a preexisting person, place, or thing, but not directly mimicking it.

Many artworks throughout history have been inspired by another painter or painting.

Many YouTube videos throughout the platform’s life have been inspired (but let’s be honest, in YouTube’s case it is directly copied) from another content creator.

As long as you aren’t directly copying, it is good to take inspiration from the work of others.

Taking Breaks

Your inability to come up with ideas may be an issue of mental exhaustion.

If you can, take 5-10 minutes every couple hours or so to just stretch, get a drink, walk around a bit, etc.

This will help give your mind a break from all that it has been doing because simply sitting down and working hard all day won’t necessarily make you more productive.

So just take some time to get out of your seat every once and a while.

I hope you can use even just one of these strategies that I have listed to help you with your creation of content ideas.

If you have a friend or relative that does content creation, share this article with them, I’m sure they will find this very helpful.

If you have any further questions about anything listed here, or you would like to talk about this subject, leave a comment below this article and I will be doing my best to answer.

Joseph Chunta

Hello! My name is Joseph Chunta, founder of Your Average Marketer. I am here to help with managing the website, but I will be writing for it as well. Giving honest reviews on Marketing Services and helping the next aspiring website owner. On the side, I am a Solo Game Developer and Website Builder. Writing code for games and websites in my free time.


Adam · April 26, 2020 at 7:29 am

Found some very interesting and useful stuff in this article and I also do believe that some good music can really help to get some inspiration. Thanks for sharing!

    Joseph Chunta · April 26, 2020 at 4:11 pm

    Hello Adam.

    I’m glad that you enjoyed the article and found it useful!

    Thank you for your comment!

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